Wednesday, May 27, 2020



Step 1: Authority to proceed is given to train by LSS(Advance Stater) 'OFF' aspect. (AT STN A)

Step 2: Train enters into the block section .As soon as FVT track is occupied 1TPR drops.(AT STN A)

Step 3: With TRSR up, 1TPR down , Handle at 'L' position proved by 'LB' contact. (AT STN A)

  • TOLR picks up 
  • Train On Line indication 'TOLK' picks up.
  • BZ1 sounds simultaneously as soon below . On hearing Buzzer LSS Control lever/Switch is made normal. However BZ1 continue till acknowledged by Station A .   

Step 4: TOLR , TOLK, and BZ1 gets strick path through TRSR, NR down and TOLR up.(AT STN A)

Step 5: Handle at L position . NR down and with TOLR up, feed automatically extended to transmitter.

Step 6: Withh TOLR up , power is connected with trasmitter.(AT STN A)

Step 7: Loop between F2 and C is completed through 'L' contact and TOLR up , modulated F2 flows to line.(AT STN A)

Step 8: Automatic TOL code F2 on line.

Step 9: Auto TOL code . F2 received by the receiver . Feed to receiver is connected through handle 'R' contact and '2R' Down. (AT STN B)

Step 10: As receiver receives F2 frequency CR2 picks up.(AT STN B)

 Step 11: With CR2 up, NR down through Handle 'RD' contact(AT STN B)

  • TOLR picks up
  • With TOLR up , TRSR and NR down TOLK and BZ1 picks up 
  • TOLK up gives TOL indication.

Step 12: BZ1 continue to sound at Both Stations.(AT STN A and B)

Step 13: On Observing TOL indication and buzzer continue to sound , Station B acknowledges the Auto TOL by pressing PB1 .(AT STN B)

Step 14: On this special occasion with PB1 alone pressed through TOLR up and Handle RD contact , PBPR picks up at STN B

Step 15: With PBPR picks up at STN B , Positive On Line ,NR relays picks up at STN A.

Step 16: NR picks up causes stick path to break the TOLR ,TOLK and BZ1 circuit. Buzzer stops at Station A.(At STN A)
Step 17: Through Feed to TOLK is cut OFF , TOL indications remains as it was magnetically latched.(At STN A)

Step 18: Frequency F2 Stops

Step 19: With TOLR down feed to transmitter is cut off. Transmission of F2 gets stopped. (AT STN A)

Step 20: As F2 Stops , CR2 drops .CR2 drop cuts feed to TOLR . TOLR drops.(AT STN B)

Step 21: TOLR dropping causes feed to TOLK indication and BZ1 to cut Off .This makes buzzer to stop at STN B(AT STN B)


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