Saturday, May 9, 2020

Sectional Route Release Circuits (TLSR/TRSR) - Part 21

Sectional Route Release Circuits (TLSR/TRSR)

The Backed route locking provided on signal is sometimes cumbersome & time consuming since all the points in the entire route are locked till the train clears the full route it entered and the points cleared by a train can not be utilized for other movements. In big/Major yard with busy traffic the complete route locking hampers the efficiency and  causes un necessary detention. 

Hence another type of Route locking is adopted. 
In this system, the entire route is divided into small sub-route sections, according to the point zones. 
When the signals are given for a particular route all the sub routes sections in the route are locked, thereby the entire route is locked. 
But, the train on clearing each sub section of the route entered clears the locking effect of that route thereby those points cleared by the train can be utilized for other movements thereby increasing the flexibility of the yard. 

The first route section is directly controlled by the concerned ASR. 

The subsequent route sections are controlled by the TLSR/TRSR’s. 

For leftward movement i.e. from RIGHT to LEFT, TLSR and for rightward movement i.e., from left to right, TRSR is used. 

Depending upon the direction of signal movement, TLSR/TRSR’s are designed.

The TLSR/TRSR’s do the same job as that of ALSR and TLSR/TRSR picks up contact is used in WLR pick up circuit. 

When the signal is given, ALSR drops which in turn drops the required TLSR/TRSR’s to achieve complete route locking.  

ALSR picks upon clearing the first route section and the point(s) in the first route section becomes free. 

Subsequent route sections are still locked as the train clears the section by section and the points are released accordingly and they can be utilized for other movements. 

With TLSR/TRSR’S, the ALSR circuit shall be modified accordingly with back lock track circuits up to first route section or up to the first point. 

TLSR / TRSR ccts are normally adopted in big / major yards. (RRI’s) 


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