Thursday, May 7, 2020

RRBUN Cancellation and Calling On cancellation - Part 19

3) RRBUN Cancellation .

Or You canSee the Path Number 3. for RRBUN cancellation

4) Calling On Cancellation.

- Let us think that S12 signal is taken Off in Loop line. But on arrival of the train ALSR did not pick up as back lock track 011T failed.

- Whenever the route is locked due to back locking track failures, then calling On signal is initiated and calling ON ALSR drops.

- Immediately calling On cancellation is applied .after 120 sec JN picks up ,which picks up the main signal ALSR.

- In this way the route is released without the S& T staff intervention.

- See the path number 4 for calling on cancellation in the above circuit.

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