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- Once the points are set in the required condition, then the route setting is completed. 

The energization of NWKR/RWKR indicates that points are set and locked after setting the route, it  is to be checked.  This is achieved by picking up UCRs (Route Checking Relays).

The features of UCR circuits are as follows:
  1.  One signal will have one UCR.  UCR will be named after the signal.
  2. This relay is normally de-energised and picks up when signal button is pressed and Route button is pressed, provided all the favourable conditions are available, viz.,
  3. In UCR circuit  all points in route, overlap and  isolation (set& locked) are proved.
  4. To achieve locking of conflicting signals, Front Contact of ALSRs or back contacts of UCRs of conflicting signals are proved in UCR circuit. Concerned LR front contact also will be proved in UCR Circuits.
  5. CH IN is also proved in UCR, so that once checking completed and route locked, further route should not be altered mechanically by cranking. 
  6. UCR front contact is proved in HR circuit
  7. UCR back contact is proved in ALSR circuit.  This is utilised to drop ALSR as soon UCR picks up i.e., to lock the Route as soon as it is checked.  Back contact of UCR in ALSR circuit also ensures that Signal button is normalised before releasing the route.

In simple way

- हर एक सिग्नल का एक UCR relay होता है । जिसमे point हो । except Adv Starter ।
- UCR relay का नाम Signal नंबर का बेसिस पे होगा 
- UCR Normally drop होता है ।
- CH prove in UCR circuit.
- Conflicting signal UCR(drop) proved in Concerned signal UCR circuit.
- LR circuit me pt Detect nahi karte hai but UCR me karte hai.


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