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TSR CIRCUIT Or One Signal One Train - PART 12

TSR CIRCUIT Or One Signal One Train

In Last Circuit We used TSR so will will look TSR in this lession.

- Train Strick Relay(TSR) is normally an Energized Relay

- A circuit is evolved to ensure that one train only passes on one signal clearance and after each train the route has to be released before the signal is taken off again, for the next train.For this, a relay called TSR is used.

Step 1: Once signal is off, 
Step 2: the train passes the signal and 
Step 3: Actuates 9 TPR (the first track immediately after signal and is called 
            controlling track for this purpose). 
Step 4: When 9 TPR drops, TSR also drops. (Signal :ON immediately ) 
Step 5: ALSR is already in de-energised condition.  
Step 6: Now TSR can pick up only when ALSR picks up and after signal knob is 
Step 7: The next signal can be cleared again only when TSR has picked up as
            TSR pickup condition is proved in HR Circuit.

- Thus it is ensured that only one train is permitted on one signal clearance.
   Evidently this is achieved by proving TSR front contact in HR circuit 

- When train passes signal, TSR drops.  Therefore, front contact is used along 
  with approach track circuit in ALSR circuit to indicate that the train has not 
  passed the signal while the approach locking is made effective to release the

  Similarly TSR dropped condition indicates that the train has passed the signal. 
  Therefore, TSR back contact is used along with UYR relays for the normal route
  release path of ASR.

- TSR is made slow to release so that it does not drop in case of bobbing of 
  track circuit. 

- If TPR drops and signal goes to danger in the face of an 
  approaching train, TSR cannot pick up as ALSR front contact is not available.

- (If QSPA1 relays are used as TPRS, the TSR need not be a slow to release relay)

- TSR is named after the signal, which it controls.  TSR may be common if the 
  track circuit is common for two or more signals.  This arrangement is only to 
  save the Relays.


- We can achieve One signal one movement by TSR

- Signal के आगे वाला ट्रैक को Replacement Track कहते है ।  For example 9TPR पे ट्रैन चढ़ने  से  concerning signal ON हो जाये गा / 

- जब तक Point Zone Track Circuit Clear न हो तब तक ALSR Pickup नहीं होगा ।

- TSR() : Movement Permit.  and TSR() : Not Permit

- When Train 9TPR पे चढ़ा  TSR () :-> HR ()

- TSR front contact used in LR relay pickup path.

- TSR दोबारा तब तक Pickup नहीं हो गा  जब तक Train Berthing Track पे न आ जाये । 

- जब गाड़ी 9TPR पैर चढ़ेगा : 9RECR ↑  

 Train Berthing Track पे आने के बाद ही ALSR (होगा । 

- TSR Normally Signal के नाम पे होता है । Example 9TSR for Signal no 9

- Advance का USR/ALSR नहीं होता है, ONLY LR होता है ।

Write TSR Circuit for 9TSR ?

Step 1: TPR()
STEP 2: HR() or RECR() or UCR() or LR()
STEP 4: Provide :Holding TSR()

More Example:


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