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Route Selection Circuit (LR Circuit) - PART 11

LR CIRCUIT : Route Selection/ Initiation Relay(Important)

- Function : For Setting Route and taking OFF signal in RRI.
- For taking signal OFF, First we have to press signal button(GN) with Route 
- then respective Relay will pickup i.e GNR and UNR.
- then for setting route LR will Pick up.

- Step 1: GN() + UN : Press Together 
  Step 2: GNR() + UNR() : Will Pickup
  Step 3: LR() : Will Pick up

Note: At the Time when LR is picked up it will also operate the points to the required condition(but not lock).

- LR front contact is used in UCR and HR circuits also.

- Normally LR is in dropped condition. And picks up only when there is an operation to clear a signal.

- LR picks up only when the conflicting LRs are down.

- Thus at the route selection stage itself, locking of conflicting signals is done.

- Once LR picks up, it sticks through its own front contact till the knob is normalized with SM key `in’& turned to ‘R’ Position

- The back contacts of LR are included for locking the conflicting signals, which are directly opposing. that means LR के पीछे के संपर्क परस्पर विरोधी signals को लॉक करने के लिए include किए गए हैं, जो सीधे विरोध कर रहे हैं।

- In other words for those LR for which the point position are same are included.

- The ALR front contact by pass the button pressed contact, as the same will not be availablewhen SM releases the push button. The SMR back contact is bridged across the reversed contact of signal knob to prevent the de-energisation of LR when an un-authorised person normalizes the signal knob, if SM has locked the panel.

- IN LR CIRCUIT we have to focus more then in later circuit it will b easy to understand .

- LR is Named after the Signal and the Route i.e LR का नाम Signal के  Route के नाम से किया जाता है । 

- Example : For Signal No 2

  •      2A LR -> Overlap set toward M/L
  •      2B LR -> Overlap set toward L/L SH
  •      2B ALT LR ->Overlap set toward ML or L/L -M/L (In Siding is present) : Not present in our yard diagram
- Everything we will write according to Point
   2A LR : both point we ll in normal condition (52A AND 51A)

- Concern signal के LR के pickup path में सारे conflicting signal का  LR का Back Prove किया जायेगा /

- Conflicting signal same and Opposite दोनों direction में होता है । 

- Advance Signal का  UCR/ALSR नहीं होता है , Only LR होता है । 

How to write LR Circuit?

We will writting circuit for 2A LR.

- TSR: 
- ALSR()
- EGGNR ()


-  2/C2 TSR() : For One signal one  train movement (permit)

- 5/7 ALSR() and 9/C9 ALSR() : का Route बना ना हो 

C2LR, C3BLR, 3LR, 7LR, 5LR, 9A LR, 9B LR, C9A LR, C9B LR, 2B LR :  

- POINTS : 52NWKR () AND 51 NWKR() : Route बनाने के लिए 52 and 51 Normal Position में होना चाहिए । 

- EGGNR () : EGGN pickup ना  हो । 

- 51 WLR() AND 52WLR() : Point free हो ।(Not Locked)

- PRESSED GN AND UN : GNR and UNR press करने से  pickup होगा । 

Question : How many LRs will be there in our yard diagram?

Answer : Total 14 

 2ALR, 2BLR, C2ALR,C2BLR, 3LR, 5LR, 7LR, 4LR,6LR,8LR, 9ALR, 9BLR, C9ALR,


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